House Renovation in Montana/Pretoria

The client wanted a face-lift on their double-storey house with a request that we make use of steel, timber, glass, and concrete. To us form always follows function, we then made sure all the elements that make-up the face-lift is intentional with function and style.

New House in Numbi Park/Hezyview

The client wanted something different, something that moves away from the traditional hipped roofed and decorative columns common in their Neighbourhood.

New House in Vereeniging

The Client wanted a cost effective but elegant double-storey with a Tuscan roof.

The design is meant to be affordable to construct but expensive to look at.

New House in Numbi Park/Hezyview

The house sits on a prominent site on a hill overlooking the slopes of Numbi Park.

House Renovation in

The client bought a house that needed restoration, the scope was to add a new lounge that opens up to the existing swimming pool area and also break some walls in order to create and open flow between the kitchen, dining and lounge.

New House in Dwarsloop/

A traditional house with a lot of corners that define the look of the roof. While the roof captures the most attention, the columns give you that final touch of royalty.

New Residential Development in Ferndale/Randburg

A safe and attractive enclave in Randburg, with easy access to neighbours, schools, shopping centres and work.

Pine on Dover

New Duplex development proposal in Ferndale.

A complex development with a touch of contemporary and farm style look.

Social Housing Development proposal

Exploring the concept of living where you work and play. Social housing is growing within the inner cities to allow for people who work in the city to now stay in it. Amenities such as parks, shopping centres and weekend markets are also growing in the cities to cater for those who live in it.