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Our design philosophy is rooted in simplicity and sustainability: We provide timeless designs which are enjoyed by you today, and the generations of tomorrow.

TurnKey Solutions


Working with one of the best contractors, we commit our involvement to complete the building of the design at competitive prices.

Our Services

Building Plans / House Plans
Council Submission / Estate Submission
Construction / Site Inspections
Project Management
Site Mapping
Feasibilty Studies

How We Work


Our Services are divided in 6 stages. You can decide to just have a design and later come back to get estate and council submissions or do all at once. You can also decide to appoint us for all stages and we become involved from the beginning to the end of the project.

Stage 1: Inception

As we meet for the first time, you as the client will brief us on your project and we will advice on how we can proceed. Here we will make sure we have all information required to comply with municipal regulations towards delivering the best service.

Stage 2: Concept & Viability

After compiling the information required to start the project, we then present our ideas on 2D images based on your brief and you agree for us to proceed with the design development when you are happy. 

Stage 3: Design Development

Here we produce 3D images that will show the design with all the materials applied to it, this will give you a better base to make any changes required. 3D images allow you to see your building as clear as it will be constructed, and as the client, you will have the freedom to express your feelings towards the design.

Stage 4: Documentation For Local Authority Submission

When you are happy with the design, we then proceed to preparing technical drawings and obtain council approvals.

Documentation and Procurement

While we wait for council approval or after council approval, we will prepare working drawings in co-ordination with the Professional team and prepare necessary documentations and specifications needed to get quotations from contractors and appoint the right contractor after assessing the quotations and portfolios.

Stage 5: Construction

Working drawings will be issued to the contractor for construction and inspections will happen regularly to ensure quality.

Stage 6: Close Out

At the end we hand over the finished building to the client along with as built drawings.

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